Build and maintain
real estate for the future

We support you with the perspective of an experienced operation planner in implementing your new construction, refurbishment, or modernization project.
Within the framework of this support, we define the operational goals in cooperation with you, evaluate the project status from an operational perspective, determine the future operating costs for you, compare those costs with our benchmarks, and evaluate the implementation of your sustainability goals. As member of the Schweizer Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Immobilienentwicklung (Swiss association of sustainable real estate development, or SGNI), we know the trends and have the experience and network to develop pragmatic solutions for forward-looking value maintenance for your real estate. We will summarize our compiled operational knowledge during the project in an operational concept, which forms the foundation for the transfer of operational know-how from the building process to the manager and the facility service provider for the property.

In the execution phase, we advise the user on the operational processes and manage the layout planning.
After your project has been completed, we assume responsibility for relocation planning and relocation management on behalf of the users.
Within the framework of your services for the life cycle of the property, we also evaluate the condition of the buildings in your property inventory with regard to space usage, use flexibility, returns, the fulfillment of your operator's obligation, and value-conserving maintenance and operating costs.


«Via the results of our evaluation, we offer suggestions for improvement and support you in implementing these measures.»

Sarah Miller