Die Drehscheibe für Kommunikation
mit dem Nutzer

Taskmove is the webbased management tool with which Move Consultants plans and coordinates relocations. The great advantage of Taskmove is the collaboration with the client and the relocation affected users during the planning and implementation phase. The tool serves as a platform for all project participants concerning the exchange of information, direct communication and the coordination of the project execution. With Taskmove, Move Consultants offers the following possibilities:

· Current project information for clients and project participants
· Easy coordination of tasks
· Structured scheduling
· Straightforward workplace assignment
· Complete project documentation
· Conducting of questionnaires
· User support for relocations (e.g. label printing, relocation information and helpdesk)


«With Taskmove we organize all project-specific processes in one tool and ensure that all project participants have an access to an overview of the current projectstatus at any time.»

Andreas Faschian
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