better returns and transparency

VisiMove provides interactive, turnkey space management for investors, owners, operators, and users of properties. On the basis of widely accepted standards, VisiMove, a web-based solution, creates transparency and key performance indicators for building and space data, and forms the backbone of modern property management by providing the basis for strategic and operational decisions. It does so while interacting with existing management and MIS solutions. VisiMove's central elements are the comprehensive preparation and verification of alphanumeric and graphical property data. Its provision in a flexible and extremely powerful internet solution makes the current property data available to all interest groups involved in the value-added process.
VisiMove also provides the foundations for project development, construction-supporting FM, optimization of building logistics, analyses and consulting services, all of which play a critical role in the life cycle of a property.

«VisiMove provides an innovative overview for professional property management.»

Yorick Anton