Your property has more space
than you imagine

Move Consultants AG implements no-redundancy, benchmark-capable space management systems for owners, investors, operators, and users of properties. We develop innovative, economical solutions for all property stakeholders on the basis of recognized standards for presenting and evaluating spaces and usage data.
We offer you consulting and support in the implementation of space management projects and deliver turnkey, total solutions in line with our customers' needs.

By processing large quantities of data and providing state-of-the-art IT solutions, we develop strategic, operative data foundations for decision making and the conditions for transparency at the asset, portfolio and property levels.
Key performance indicators for portfolio and individual property strategies are presented both alphanumerically and graphically. The data sovereignty thus achieved over the measurable and controllable spaces and property potentials gives you freedom of decision and action in matters of marketing, rentals, and sales.

To ensure the achievement of the agreed-upon goals, we, as a general data contractor, guide you actively through the conception, prototyping, and implementation phases.

«We guarantee the implementation of the developed solutions in the field of space determination, data processing and plan digitization.»

Fernando Rimo