Digital plans and data sovereignty
in the shortest possible time

Current, reliable space data in alphanumeric and graphical form is very valuable. It serves to determine key performance indicators, is an important foundation for the correct assessment of property value, supports the marketing of rental space, and facilitates space analysis, allowing potential earnings to be identified and achieved. Current building and space data thus forms the backbone of modern, actionable property management.

That is why it is important that, once collected, data remains current, databases are backed up and maintained, planning amendments are incorporated promptly, and properties that have been added to the portfolio are quickly implemented in the space management system. In all of this, Move Consultants supports you with proven processes, which include interaction with the existing property IT environment with respect to data exchange via interfaces and the development of regular reporting and data reconciliation.


«Use your space data actively to market your rental space. We will provide you with simple tools and interfaces with which you can advertise your rental spaces attractively. Move Consultants helps you to determine the value of your properties and to enhance that value.»

Sebastian Hofmann